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Does Animal Protein Cause Kidney Stones?

Many plant based doctors recommend a low animal protein diet to prevent kidney stones. We all know water is essential to prevent kidney stones. Researchers had two groups. One on a lower protein (84g) low animal protein (1 oz per day only), lower water (~84 oz per day) vs a higher protein (104g) higher water (~105 oz) diet. 12/50 got kidney stones in the lower protein lower water group while only 2/50 got kidney stones in the other. This suggests that the water, not the animal protein is the problem. If animal protein is a problem, it seems to be able to be negated with increased water intake.


Ever wonder why native cultures and even today's centarians can smoke daily without incurring COPD or lung cancer? We learn that diet, specifically healthy saturated fats found in animals, butter, coconut and palm oils, are the building blocks to healthy alveoli. Alveoli malformation is synonymous with lung damage and is the cause of COPD. Allowing our body to rebuild our saturated fat based alveoli, can improve symptoms and avoid damage.

Diet and Dental Caries/Cavities

Everyone knows sugar causes cavities, but why? We learn that the ph of the mouth, impacted by sugar, creates a breeding ground for bacteria that cause cavities. Additionally and more significantly, we learn that vitamin deficiencies, specifically A and D, can cause dental caries. Once cavities occur, our body has mechanisms to "block off" the cavity from causing more damage, but needs Vitamin C and a diet low in sugar/carbohydrate to do so.

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